Monday, October 23, 2017

Hey, A Couple of Good Things Too!!

Our son has a job interview today at a lighting company of some kind.  The pay is less than wonderful, but it would be better than nothing, plus it would be another chance to enhance his skill set.  He is so worried that the eczema over his eyelids will rob him of getting the work as I guess it looks rather gruesome.  He is going to see an eye doctor to see if he needs something stronger or different than the medicated ointment I mailed to him this morning.  In fact, he is so freaked out about his appearance he is stopping at a Halloween store on the way to the interview to get a patch to cover the worst looking eye lid.  

His email this morning was encouraging though.  He still remembers much of the first 3 books of Job he had to memorize at the age of 7 for his school's Scripture memory programme and he is drawing great encouragement from the way God seemed to think Job was trustworthy enough to continue to grow in his faith despite all the horrible things happening to him.  Our son is feeling as though his present trials could be an indication that God is paying attention to him and wanting to show him yet another level of trusting God to be God no matter what is going on in life.  His email certainly encouraged my husband and I to hang onto the peace of heart and mind we have been enjoying despite our son's current messes.

We had a pleasant drive to Moose Jaw very early this morning. The head wind wasn't quite as bad as it often is and the sun began to shine. After we dropped the car off at the shop for its winter tire changeover, we took a walk for a half hour up and down the main streets. Despite a chilly wind we enjoyed it because we had on our warm coats, hats and gloves.  As soon as the nearest pharmacy opened up we got in line for our 'flu' shots and were second and third in line.  We were only there for 45 minutes, including the required 15 minute post innoculation wait to see if there would be an allergic reaction.  Turned out the pharmacy also had a Canada Post outlet so I got my posting done. We arrived back at the shop just as the mechanic was about to call us and let us know the car was ready. Perfect timing.  We were back home by 10:45am.  

Now the sun is shining brightly, we are almost at our forecast high of +12C, the wind is moderate and we are relaxing after eating the leftovers from last night's pub grub for lunch. Tonight I have some chicken samosas ready and will make a big salad to go with them.  Yum!!

Well, it is nearly time for us to watch at least one of the boxing matches I recorded on the weekend.  My husband is puttering in the basement and will spend some time over the next couple of days tweaking this coming weekend's presentation on living in forgiveness.  The particular group we are presenting to are just the best: so engaged, so eager to hear the Scriptures, so anxious to learn more ways those Bible verses can be used in practical daily living.  I am happy we get to return to this group and get to know them better.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Happy For My Husband

Synod is now over.  My husband came home this afternoon, flying pretty high at how well things went, so grateful that the main stresses and trials were only his own and rejoicing at how God worked out all those things so the last minute like always! hahaha

He had no time today to eat lunch so off we went just after 3pm to the Knotted Thistle for a VERY early dinner!!  I barely got my minimum 4 hours in between meals before chowing down once again. say the least!!!!  hahahaha Say, if you are ever in the mood for a huge helping of cactus cut fries topped with cheese, red onions, jalapenos and red and yellow pepper chunks, head to the Knotted Thistle and order the Irish Nachos...I MAY have eaten just a few more than I should have....oops, my bad....

Now he is watching one of the newer Star Trek series episodes on tv and relaxing.  We will be up and going early in the morning for a tire change, 'flu' shots and a trip to the post office for quick express mail to our son.  Gonna be a busy day tomorrow, yup, yup, yup. Hopefully the next day will be one of complete rest for my dear husband.  The poor Bishop has no time to rest as he is off to House of Bishops for a week and leaves first thing in the morning tomorrow.  CRAZY!!!

Our Son Has Reached Ludicrous Speed

So, tonight a sad email: the poor man now has stress eczema around his eyes, making him feel and look like a freak, right in the middle of trying to secure employment.  Also his phone quit working today as far as sending and receiving calls. Fortuately he can still text...for now at least.  The reception was never very good with his carrier anyway and we often lost contact in the middle of our calls together.  

At this point we are all laughing to some degree because when this many things go dark all at the same time we can be fairly certain God is allowing all this crapola to go on for a good reason, some kind of spiritual lesson in trust.  That has certainly been the case in all our past experiences anyway.  My husband and I are re-living our own younger lives as we watch our son going through the same sorts of "dangers, toils and snares" we also experienced at his age.  We pray he will learn the same lessons as well about trusting God when life looks bleakest.  Actually, considering what he went through a couple of years ago right here in Canada, this is almost a day at the beach in comparison.  We pray too that all those who have convenanted to pray for him will also see the good fruits of their prayers of compassion for a brother in the Lord who is rather stressed out as he tries to be patient and wait on God for the some point, no matter how hard a person is trying to solve the problems, there has to be some time taken to rest from the labours and wait.  Our son did that today, but tonight is revamping his CV cover letter to improve it as he applies for more jobs this coming week.

I have packaged up some moisturizing cream that works for my own eczema and will mail it to him in the morning.  Please pray it arrives.  Thank you so much.

To God be the glory.........Amen!

And Another Thing I So Appreciate about Jesus

There is quite a push in our culture these days to try to "even out" past abuses by turning victims into victimizers....the abused of the past become the abusers of the present because, well, "it is understandable, in a way it is only just."


The thing is that my Jesus was one of the victims in this world during his earthly lifetime.  He was verbally abused. He was lied about.  He was physically abused.  He was tortured and murdered.  

And yet....he did not spend his last hours before the cross-carrying walk to Calvary in angry defense of himself. He did not fire back at his accusers and abusers.  He said things like, "Forgive them Father. They do not know what they are doing." He said this in the midst of experiencing a torturous death.

That's my Jesus....the victim who became a victor.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

If You Are Tempted To Be PO'd By Recent Hospital Visits Here on the Prairies....

....I would urge you to watch the PBS documentary, Motherland.  It is part of their POV programming.

Sometimes I get so busy complaining about how things here in hospitals have changed for the worse over the past couple of decades, I forget just how terrible people in other part of the world have it, even for things as normal, usual and necessary as giving birth.

Motherland is a documentary film about the largest maternity hospital in the world in Manila, Philippines, Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital.  I felt ill watching what those women go through in that baby birth factory, 2 to a single bed in the delivery room, in conditions so unhygienic it makes you wonder how any of the mothers or babies stay alive. The staff are obviously doing their best, but there are so many deliveries and space is so lacking despite the size of the building, no one can keep up. The whole ward is filled with women and babies that run the gamut of human suffering.  The cost of staying in the hospital for as many days as is required for the moms to recover and to be taught how to nurse, swaddle and bathe their infants is prohibitive for what seems to be the majority of the families. Other than a kangaroo wrap, new moms are expected to bring their own baby blankets and other supplies with them to the hospital. A lot of sharing goes on among the new moms. The babies often leave the hospital to be brought up in large families cursed with abject poverty. The hospital staff is doing all it can to promote family planning but often their advice falls on deaf ears and fearful hearts.  

I can honestly say this is one of the most depressing documentaries I have ever watched and yet, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Director Ramona S. Diaz has captured so well the suffering, the resignation to loss of hope, the fears of these women, their often under employed hubands and families. It is worth a look if the subject of human productive rights is one that interests you.

Wretched, Seasonal Weather

Wow, what a shock a day like today is after the wonderful warmth of this past week.

When I drove my husband to the Cathedral early this morning for his Synod meetings the temperature was +6C.  Now it is nearly 3pm and the temperature is +7C, the wind is howling and there is a very cold rain falling sporadically.  Brrrrrrrr!!!!!

I am sitting here in my Mark's Comfy Robe fighting the urge to take a nap....mostly because I know how horrible I always feel after I wake up from a day time snooze.  

What a yucky taste of the real autumn weather we should have all ready been experiencing a month ago, that will hit us more often in the coming weeks leading up to that first crisp, white snowfall.   

I feel SO lazy this afternoon...maybe a video game would be in order.  Today a walk out of doors is most definitely NOT part of my game plan!!

So....Choir Practise....

It went unbelievably well today.  My voice held up just fine until the last ten minutes of the 2 hour session. What a relief!

After I got home I located some good vocal exercises online to help me strengthen my voice.  Hopefully they will. They are supposedly for people with soft, weak voices and that is certainly me at this stage of life.  

My doctor warned me last time I saw her to preserve my voice by not over practising at home between rehearsals and I think she is right.  The only rehearsing I did after the last rehearsal was yesterday afternoon and then a wee bit this morning.  It seemed to leave me strong enough to cope this morning as I joined in with the rest of the group.

I think after our Christmas concert I am going to book a session with our director and do some voice testing to see if she thinks I will be able to return in January for the next term.

If the rest of our pre-Christmas practises go as well for me as this one did I will be fine. Moderation in how often I practise, I think, is part of the key.