Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poor Mom and Dad

This evening I had a rather depressing phone conversation with my parents.  Poor Dad is going through some intense withdrawal symptoms as he ends his 4 years of too much hydromorph.  In fact some of his symptoms have been so intense he ended up going by ambulance to hospital Monday afternoon.  Sigh....if I hadn't called them tonight I wonder when I would have found that out.

Fortunately for Dad the specific problem was fixed within a few hours and he was home again by 9pm.  Tonight is his last dose of morphine.  In only 3 weeks he has gone from taking 12 or more mg a day to 2mg a day over the past 3 days. No wonder his body is suffering withdrawal, but I am glad he has been brave enough to obey his new doctor and do this.  If he can get through another week of withdrawal he should find life to be much happier, more active and less about sleeping constantly.

I am actually more worried about how Mom is holding up through this. She is completely exhausted by it all. Sigh.......  Dad said she ordered him to wake her up every time he has to get up in the night to use the bathroom, and over the past week that has been numerous times each night.  She is afraid if he falls down in the bathroom she will not hear him calling out for help because she is so deaf.  I asked him why he doesn't leave his emergency call button necklace on his bedside table and just pick it up and take it with him every time he gets up in the night so he doesn't have to wake mom up.  There was a stunned silence when I asked him and then both he and mom admitted they never thought of that.  Sigh........  Of course dad can't wear the necklace to bed because just rolling over could push the button and accidentally signal the downstairs desk that there is an emergency when there isn't, but neither of them had their wits about them to realize that instead of leaving it on the dresser at the other end of the bedroom, Dad could leave it right beside his head on the night table with his glasses, which he also picks up and puts on every time he gets out of bed.  Aiii yiiii.....the fact that Dad wouldn't think of something so obvious is not a surprise as he is rather dibbled a good deal of the time now, but for Mom not to think of it is downright worrysome!  It tells me how stressed out and tired she is getting to be.

This is when living so far away is so terribly frustrating.  I can't afford to just hop on a plane, or even drive out there, any old time I happen to feel like it.  It could be June at this rate before I can get out there again. Sigh.........

Well, that is just how life goes sometimes.  I will try not to worry more than I should and I do pray that Mom can recover her clarity of thought as such a thing is pretty much beyond Dad at this point. Sigh.....old age really sucks!  My parents are so ready to go home to Jesus and for their sake I hope things don't have to get a lot worse before that happens.

Say What?????

My newly ordained friend told me the most hilarious story the other day.  Apparently a young person who had not attended the ordination recently asked her how her "coronation" had gone! hahahahahahaha

Yup, Queen of the World, that is my friend. hahahaha

There were so many jokes and scenarios we came up with over that small vocabulary mistake that we ran out of time before we had a chance to cover them all with our warped sense of humour. hahahahahaha 

Coronation...teehee....cute one!

Almost Spring-like Outside

Another lovely day for me!  Blessing upon blessing is mine, that is for sure!

I didn't sleep in this morning, but when I woke up at 6:30am I had the luxury of being a lay-about, reading a book for a couple of hours before I really had to eat breakfast.  The morning was spent ironing, taking out trash, paying next month's rent and all manner of wee chores.  Since I ate breakfast so late, I had a small snack at 11:15am to carry me through to a mid afternoon lunch.  Rode the bus downtown for my haircut at 1:30pm and then thoroughly enjoyed my chicken shawarma salad at Zam Zam Wraps.  YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!  Today I got the larger pieces of chicken left in the bottom of the server after the smaller bits were used during the lunch rush...must remember that for future reference. hohoho!

I cased all the stores that sell shoes in Cornwall Centre, but not one of them had the sort of sandals I can wear. Sears had a rather nice pair but of course the soles are too hard to wear with bone spurs under my heels. I am going to make a trip to Fosters Shoes tomorrow to pay the big bucks for a pair of sandals that will be good for my feet, if they have anything suitable.  Hopefully the specialty shoe stores will have more sandal selection by the end of April if I can't find what I want right away.  Inannone's is very good about ordering what I need, but it does take a long time as the shoes I order come from the deep south of the USA.

After all my window shopping I decided it was far too nice a day to encase myself on a bus to come home.  What a lovely walk I had.  It was windy, but the wind was much warmer than it has been over the past few days.  By the time I was half way home my coat was unzipped and flapping out behind me as I strolled along in the bright sunshine.  The snow and ice are almost completely gone now on all the tree lined residential streets, so I had a safe walk, only having to look out for new heaves in the cracked sidewalks in that old section of town.  The closer I got to home the slower I was walking....not because of pain or mobility problems, but because I was reluctant to end my walk and have to come back inside!  Despite the mud and dirt and general ugliness that accompanies the first weeks of spring on the prairies, it is the best feeling in the world to be able to get out and walk without having to wear YakTrax on the bottom of my boots, without huge floppy mitts and fat, ugly parkas, without toques and scarves and turtlenecked teeshirts....and a spike-ended cane! 


Of course that also means we will likely have some wicked storms over the next month with blowing snow, blinding rains and gale force winds, but the best part of those storms is that the aftermath doesn't last more than a couple of days before we will be dry and warm once again.  

I feel like I have been set free from prison at this time of year!  Hallelujah!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Back in the Fog...Beautiful!

The fog rolled back in this evening and brought a bit of misty rain with it as well.  By the morning there will be a coating of frozen mist all over everything.  I am glad I did my bit of grocery shopping this afternoon and that my hair appointment tomorrow isn't until after lunch.  That should be late enough in the day to allow the frozen mist to be melted off and leave the sidewalks less slippery for my walk to and from the bus.

Tonight I rented "Manchester By the Sea".  I enjoyed it.  Casey Affleck did such a great job of playing a very difficult character.  It is a slow movie, but in this case the story and characters call for it.  The long shots, scenic interludes and slow action are all part of the mood of the film.  It was a wonderful way to pass an otherwise boring evening alone.

Speaking of "alone", I am surely enjoying text messaging these days.  My husband and I have been able to be in touch this evening quite regularly, getting caught up on each other's day.  Something as now commonplace as texting is still a rather big deal to us because for several decades when he was working away from home it wasn't always convenient to telephone each other, or even access emails from some of his job sites, so we often went for a week or more at a time with no contact whatsoever.  The first few times he was in Japan we experienced no contact for a month or more at a time, more than once.  We became so used to not being in touch with each other for days or weeks in a row that even now we both have little patience with couples who have to be texting and emailing and calling each other every hour of the day when they are apart.  hahaha  That would have driven and still would drive both of us completely crazy.  A person needs some space in our opinion, even from a spouse!

I am about to start a new novel:  "A Glastonbury Romance" by John Cowper Smith, first published in 1932. As usual I am likely the last person in the country to read this popular historical novel. haha  Looking forward to it as it is a very long book and so will occupy my time for quite awhile.

Since it is nearly 11pm...again...where did the day go after all????...I am going to hop into bed and get started on reading this epic novel.

The Return of the Geese

The geese have returned to our area of the city.  It happened about five days ago with much honking and flapping of wings as several geese flew over us on their way to check out the conditions on Wascana Park and lake.  Yesterday the same pair that first showed up on our lawn last spring arrived.  We know that it is the same pair...or at least one of the original two...because of the odd placement of the band on its leg.  It really stands out as being different from the bands on the other birds.  

Sigh.....the goose manure all over the back lawn from the overrun of geese on their way south last fall has not yet had time to dry, in fact we are all ready bringing it in on the soles of our shoes as we slog through the remainder of the slop to get to our car and back.  

This year we have decided to stop wasting time and effort on trying to keep the birds and their deadly droppings off our part of the yard.  No one else here seems to care enough to work with us to put the run on the huge flocks of geese that moved in on the property two Septembers ago and are obviously returning this spring.  The management company here would need massive amounts of money and human resources over the next two years that it would likely take to convince the geese to stay off our lawns. The city has no clue what to do to stop them from taking over the man made lake and surrounding park areas across the street from us and the parks employees and administration seem completely disinterested in finding out.  I suppose someone is going to have to develop bird manure related lung disease before anyone at all with any influence pays the least amount of attention.

So, if you are new to the blog and want to find out what the problems are with these geese you can start searching out posts from about a year ago. They are titled in such a way as to let you know geese are the topic.

That is pretty much all I am going to say about the blasted geese this year.  The topic was exhausted by the end of last September and I assume this year will be a case of "Second verse, same as the first...a little bit louder and a little bit worse."  Double sigh.....

Beautiful, stupid, poopy geese.......

Monday, March 27, 2017

In a Fog....As Usual!

I woke up this morning with a foggy head from lack of sleep and to a foggy morning outside.  The fog was so thick early in the morning I couldn't see the large building across the street when I first got out of bed.  Colliding weather systems seem to have ushered in cooler rather than warmer temperatures today.

Had kind of a rotten sleep last night.  I knew I had to wake up rather earlier than usual to be ready to go to the lab for my 6 months lab work up and for some reason I couldn't seem to stay asleep much even though the alarm was set for the correct time.  O well...the good news for me was that I was at the lab and in line for opening suffiently early as to find myself in the third spot!  It was worth a 20 minute wait outside in the dark until they opened.  The 3 of us standing there were eventually joined by 9 others.  I wish I could always go on Mondays because the lineups on Monday morning are the shortest of the week.  I have to get lab work done according to the date, not the day of the week.  Rats!!

The lab opens at 7am and I was home stuffing my face with breakfast by 7:30am after my 14 hour fast.  The fog wasn't fun to drive through, but my route to the lab is a good one on major roadways with good streetlights.  

After unloading my husband and all his overnight gear at work at 9am I filled the car with gasoline and went back home to get a little more spruced up for my lunch appointment in Moose Jaw.  What an interesting drive it was!!  The fog was rather thick between Regina and the half way point at the wee hamlet of Pense, but I could see the distance of 3 utility poles ahead of me, so other than a couple of fog obscured major crossroads with no overpasses, there weren't a lot of extra danger spots. However, the fog continued to thicken between Pense and Belle Plaine and by the time I cleared Belle Plaine for the last few kilometers into Moose Jaw I couldn't see the distance of even 1 utility pole ahead.  Thankful it was day and not night, when the added blackness would have made driving nearly impossible for me, I ploughed on through the nearly pea souper!

Fortunately Moose Jaw is located in a valley below the highway and the fog remained higher in the air.  Once in Moose Jaw there was little fog, just a sky filled with ugly grey clouds.  I was able to make both my deliveries before picking up my friend for a fun time at lunch.  We went to Montana's because my friend enjoys their lunch sized macaroni and cheese and caesar salad.  I opted for a large caesar salad and it was rather tasty.  We had a good visit over lunch, followed by a trip to the Dollar Store, then some "singin' in the shower" crooning while cruising through the downtown before I took her back home and returned to Regina.

By the time I was back on the highway most of the fog had lifted and by the time I reached Regina the sun was starting to shine.  The sky was more clear and sunny by 5pm than it had been all day.  It continued that way until sunset.

I am just "bagged" this evening.  The lack of sleep so close on the heels of all the celebration on the weekend, plus driving through the fog outside that was paralleling the fog in my sleep deprived brain exhausted me!  Tomorrow I think I will confine my activities to a short walk to the grocery store for some milk, possibly some laundry for myself and my usual post prandial weight lifting, jogging and marching on the spot.  

Another good day today......unbelievable to have so many wonderful days in a row.  How blessed am I, right? Thank you Lord! I hope my husband's time at the clergy retreat will be as blessed also!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

It Was Great While It Lasted! Yeah!!

The fun weekend of celebration continued through today.  My husband was actually awake in time to come to church with me this morning and it was a particularly good service.  He was feeling well enough to stay for coffee and visiting afterward so that was a treat for me too.

We ate a light lunch at home and then I headed off to choir practise.  Today's rehearsal certainly highlighted our faults and difficulties, so hopefully some of us, me included, will spend a bit more time rehearsing at home this week!!

I arrived home in plenty of time to get cleaned up and spruced up and ready for our dinner at Memories.  It was delicious!  We knew from our last visit there that the portions are a good size for the price, so we skipped the appetizers and knew all ready there would be no tummy room left for dessert.  We both ordered chicken dishes:  mine was the corfu, a phylo pastry wrapped chicken breast that had a most tasty sauce and my husband had a half chicken roasted in Greek herbs and lemon juice.  There is no skimping on meat portions in this restaurant...yum!  Both meals were accompanied by perfectly cooked baby potatoes and a vegetable medley of broccoli, zucchini, red peppers and pea pods.  I cleaned up the balsamic vinegar decorating my plate and that gave a nice little kick to the corfu sauce and zucchini.

When we arrived home we got a few things ready for my husband to leave for clergy retreat tomorrow. He concentrated on packing up his special snacks and tea selection and I ironed a few items of his clergy clothing I should have ironed yesterday but forgot about. (oops)

We relaxed watching a gruesome but quirky movie: The Legend of Barney Thomson, based on a novel of similar name.  The Scottish accents were so thick we had to replay several scenes to be certain we heard the script properly, but the acting was superb.  The movie is, as I mentioned, built around a gruesome subject, but it was one of the silliest and most hilarious movies I have seen in a long time.  Emma Thompson was stellar as a crazed woman in her 70's and Robert Carlyle was hysterical in the title role.  It reminded me of a more hilarious and British version of movies similar to Pulp Fiction.

So, now it is back to the reality of post-celebration daily life.  Ho hum..... BUT tomorrow after I drop my husband off at work I get to meet a friend in Moose Jaw for lunch.  I have a couple of items I need to deliver to some friends there so will drop those off while I am in town....2 loaves of diet bread to one friend who enjoys it as much as I do. She is the recipient of the loaves I recently purchased at about the time I realized that I have developed a definite sensitivity to oats and this bread's second listed ingredient is oat hull fibre.  Sigh.....I LOVE that bread, but I can't eat it any more.  The other item is a Martyn Joseph CD I bought at the house concert the other night. Turns out my husband and I were both thinking of one set of Moose Jaw friends in particular as the concert was going on so it seemed appropriate to get one of the CD's for them.  The musical artists we listen to on their CD player are of the same ilk and I think they will enjoy listening to Mr. Joseph.  Neither delivery actually requires an immediate trip to Moose Jaw, but it is a chance to do something fun in the newly nice weather to take the edge off the disappointment that my husband has to be away again at a conference.

I think the rest of the week is going to be pretty quiet....I have a hair appointment midweek......... BUT toward the end of the week we are going to a surprise birthday dinner for a friend who has never had a surprise party before.  We have seen the menu for the dinner and are not sure our motives for attending are purely for the sake of our friend!!  WOW...again with the wonderful meal we don't have to prepare or clean up afterward!  teehee There WILL be wine!

Well, I have a big swack of fasting lab tests in the morning so better get to bed and try to sleep away the invented feeling of desperate hunger that assails me every time I have to fast for 12 or 13 hours....just as I do every other night of my life since I stopped having evening snacks anyway. hahaha O how a person's mind plays tricks on them when the choice to fast overnight is not her own....hahaha.

It has been a wonderful week of family and other company, great meals, celebrations and spending time with my husband. I am so grateful for it all.